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Travel Tip - The Top Reasons To NOT Practice Airline Skip Lagging

A couple of weeks ago a teen traveler (traveling alone for the first time) was detained in Florida because he had purchased a hidden city ticket. To be clear, this is not a travel purchase offered by the airlines but rather a practice performed by people who are saving money by bending or in some cases breaking the rules of air carriers.

Vacation Merchandise - Kids Activity Kit

Are you a busy mom looking to keep the kids engaged? Then this is the perfect activity kit for you and your child! Appropriate for ages four and up, this kit is lightweight, TSA-compliant, and perfect for road trips, cruises, airplane rides, or anytime!

Take our Washington, DC Quiz

How much do you know about Washington, DC? Take our mini-quiz and see how you rank.

Destination Spotlight - Montgomery, Alabama

Nestled in the heart of Alabama, Montgomery is a captivating city that combines a deep historical heritage with a thriving modern culture. From its pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement to its vibrant arts scene and delicious Southern cuisine, Montgomery offers visitors a unique and unforgettable experience.

Notes From The Road - My Favorites

Friends, I was away last week for some much needed rest and relaxation and frankly I missed our time together. Which got me thinking, I get asked quite often “where is YOUR favorite place to vacation?” 

Travel Tip - How To Drive On A Two Lane Highway

Picture this. You made the decision to take a family vacation. You booked all the arrangements, packed the car and are setting out for fun, excitement and much needed relaxation.

Vacation Merchandise - HoJo Ceramic Mug

Show off your love of this iconic brand with this 15 oz., white ceramic Howard Johnson's mug. It’s microwave-safe, and can be washed in the dishwasher or easily cleaned with a mild detergent.

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Erik Hastings Biography

Erik Hastings, a.k.a. "Erik the Travel Guy"

Erik “the Travel Guy” Hastings is an EMMY award-winning television personality who speaks directly to consumers who can't afford to "get their vacations wrong". He is the host and managing editor of three internationally syndicated television series; "Beyond Your Backyard", “Food for Thought” and “Cruise Food”.

Erik leads an incredibly talented team of industry pros and is the editorial driving force of his platform. While the travel industry directly supports millions of families worldwide, Erik believes travel makes the world a better place. Through exploration and discovery, he has learned that travel brings cultures together and he eagerly shares that spirit with his viewers.

In 2005, Erik launched his own production company that specialized in creating high-quality, low-cost travel videos for online distribution, which has added “world traveler” to his resume. This enterprise encapsulates all of Erik’s true joys by combining video production, writing, discovery, adventure, performing and interacting with fascinating people in some of the most inspiring and beautiful travel destinations in the world. Since inception, he has amassed an impressive client roster including Hertz, The Greenbrier Resort, CruiseOne, Carnival, Pinehurst, Iberostar, and countless official tourism bureaus throughout the world.

In 2017, Erik and his creative team began production on "Beyond Your Backyard", a new educational travel series for Blue Ridge PBS. The series debuted in April of 2018 on Blue Ridge PBS and other public broadcasting stations and quickly gained national attention and new affiliates. Today, the series is seen by millions of viewers nationwide. The series is syndicated by NETA and carried on the CREATE Channel. In its first season, the series was honored by the industry with two EMMY awards for the show and its host.

In 2022, Erik formed a new venture (4:55 AM Entertainment Co.) with his longtime friend and creative partner Jason Zumwalt. His new company produces two series: “Cruise Food” and “Food For Thought”.

Erik spends (on average) about 25 weeks on the road per year. When he's not traveling, he spends time with his two daughters in the New York City area.


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