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Saving America

Saving America

Turning Point Faith presents SAVING AMERICA with Charlie Kirk and co-host Rob McCoy - heard weeknights at 7pm on WFIL.

Charlie Kirk is the Founder and President of Turning Point USA, a national student movement dedicated to identifying, organizing, and empowering young people to promote the principles of free markets, and limited government.

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Unpacking the 'Omicron Variant' Hysteria ft. Jack Posobiec | The Charlie Kirk Show LIVE 11.29.21

Monday, November 29, 2021

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A number of left-wing student organizations at Arizona State University are demanding that administrators expel Kyle Rittenhouse from the institution, even though he’s not attending in-person classes there, calling him a “killer” and a “murderer.”

The Arizona State University Students for Socialism, Students ...

About Charlie Kirk

Charlie Kirk has a unique relationship with America’s youth. When he started Turning Point USA in his parents' garage as an 18-year-old, he had no idea how big this group would grow. He just felt the call to save America’s students and young people. 

Today that organization has over 450 full- and part-time staff with chapters on over 2,500 college and high school campuses across the country. His annual Student Action Summit attracts 5,000 young people who come together to hear from leading conservative speakers and activists about how we can work to preserve, restore, and defend America for the next generation. On top of all of that, Charlie has one of the top daily podcasts in the country and he also hosts The Charlie Kirk Show from the Salem Radio Network, a live show heard on over 150 stations. 

Charlie knows that if we can save the youth of today, we will save America for all of us. But so much of that important work starts with turning them back to God. That’s why Charlie’s newest endeavor, Turning Point Faith, is introducing Saving America with Charlie Kirk, a daily Christian program. Charlie speaks in over 70 Christian churches every year, and now with the launch of Saving America with Charlie Kirk, you can hear those sermons too. He’s a culture warrior challenged to save this country, one youth at a time.

Hear Saving America with Charlie Kirk, weeknights at 7pm on WFIL!


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