Somebody Loves You with Raul Ries

Somebody Loves You with Raul Ries

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'Somebody Loves You' program is designed to equip listeners with the necessary tools to live out their faith. 'Somebody Loves You' features Raul Ries' humorous, sensible and comprehensible teaching of God's Word.

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I Corinthians 3:10-23

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CD Pack: Sin Unchecked

Are you in right standing before God? Do you have sin left unchecked? Have you allowed God to search your heart? Join Pastor Raul Ries as he teaches on the importance of living a life in obedience to God’s word. 4 Messages Included: Warning Against Sexual Lust, The Danger of Idolatry, The Problem with Pride, and Beware of Covetousness.


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