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Be Part of a Sharing Community Who Is There to Help

Attending a church service in person is a meaningful experience for several reasons. From singing hymns to hearing an encouraging sermon, a Sunday morning in the pew with your family and fellow parishioners can strengthen our faith and refresh us for service.

Why is the experience of being in person so important when we can easily watch church online from the comfort of our homes? Our communal experience and being alongside our fellow brothers and sisters is undoubtedly a key reason.

Being part of a community of believers is an essential part of the Christian experience, and it makes our spiritual lives so much more fulfilling. It's comforting to know that you are part of a community of fellow believers who care so deeply for one another. Having emotional support and prayers lifted on your behalf can make a difference, especially when we go through challenging times.

Without the support of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, our challenges could be too much to handle.

For example, when we face a health-related challenge, having the support of a community of believers who offer to help carry our burdens can be a gift. What if you had a community of believers who were there to support you not only emotionally but also financially when you face a health-related challenge?

Well, the good news is there are several communities like that available to Christians nationwide. Known as healthcare sharing ministries, dozens of non-profit organizations bring together Christians of all backgrounds across the United States to share the burden of medical expenses.

Despite these organizations having over one million members combined, many Americans remain unfamiliar with the concept of healthcare sharing, which is quite simple.

Each month, members send their monthly 'share amount' to their sharing community. When you incur an eligible medical expense, you submit that medical expense to your healthsharing community, which is then matched with eligible medical bills submitted by fellow members. As a result, all members benefit from this new way of caring for their health.

The concept of healthcare sharing is a simple yet powerful concept.

The support of fellow members is more than just financial. This community of like-minded members has various ways to lift one another even though they live throughout the US and have likely never met in person.

For example, with Liberty HealthShare, one of the largest healthcare sharing ministries, members can send each other messages of prayer and encouragement through their secure, online account known as their ShareBox.

The non-profit nature of healthcare sharing ministries, such as Liberty HealthShare, can offer substantially lower monthly contributions for healthcare expenses to their members. For example, Liberty HealthShare has healthcare sharing programs starting as low as $199 per month for individuals and $399 per month for families.

As members of healthcare sharing ministries such as Liberty HealthShare can attest, membership in these organizations is so much more than paying for healthcare. When you join a healthcare sharing ministry, you are joining a community of fellow Christians who believe in the power of community and caring for others.

Relieving heavy burdens, even those of medical expenses, empowers each of us to live more fully and freely. In turn, we can help more like-minded people experience the power of living in a community and doing more good for more people.

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To learn more about healthcare sharing programs at Liberty HealthShare, request a free decision guide.

Since 1995, Liberty HealthShare has equipped health-conscious individuals and families to make wise healthcare decisions. Our supportive community commits to bearing one another’s burdens in prayer, encouragement, and financial support. By emphasizing good stewardship of our bodies and our healthcare spending, and providing helpful advice, we help our members stay in good health, budget for medical needs, and reduce the overwhelming complexity of navigating our nation’s current medical care system.


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