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5 Essentials We Need to Reclaim from COVID-19

Over these past six-plus months of “shutdown,” “quarantine,” “lockdown,” (or whatever we’re calling it now), the social isolation, non-human contact, strict yet inconsistent rules, fear-mongering, and less church involvement have resulted in some dangerous consequences that could negatively affect us as individuals, communities, and churches.

3 Reminders for When Life Overwhelms You

It's been a tough year for all of us. For those who feel overwhelmed, this article will dive into 3 truths to remind yourself when life overwhelms you, whether for a day or even for a whole year.

5 Habitual Sins Men Especially Struggle With

Whether you are a man, or know a man, there are certain sins all men struggle with. Having a conversation about difficulties in life is always helpful, though men are not known for being as vulnerable with their emotions as women. Once the dialogue can occur, and the emotions come to the surface, real godly change can begin to happen.

What Do Messianic Jews Believe and Practice?

Messianic Judaism is the faith of Jewish followers of Christ in the New Testament. Their blend of Jewish tradition and Christian practices make them as diverse as many denominations within the Christian faith.

How to Get Out of a Spiritual Slump

If God seems far away and being a Christian feels abstract and a bit purposeless, you may be in a spiritual slump where as much as we try to pursue God, it feels like we're getting nowhere.


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