10 Cliques That Exist in Every Church

A clique is merely a group of people who bond over similar interests. I don't know about you, but I'm all for people making friends; however, where cliques get their notoriously lousy rap is from how difficult it can be for outsiders to get into the group. That is where the problem lies.

10 Courageous Ideas for Seniors

There are certainly many ways seniors become timid or draw back into their comfort zone; but I believe there are at least 10 ways we can learn to thrive in being brave as we grow older.

10 Things We Can Learn from the Adulterous Woman

Regardless of what we have or haven’t done, the unnamed adulterous woman reminds us of the most hidden parts of ourselves. It reveals our desperate need for absolution and the unshakable reality of grace. Though evidence suggests this narrative wasn’t included in the original Scriptures, the truths presented reveal core aspects of God’s heart, His longings for us, and how we can be reconciled in Him.


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