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Why Does God Love Me?

God loves because He alone knows—and rejoices in—the truth about Himself and what He’s doing in us. He loves us not because he must choose to do so or because he feels obligated to constantly manufacture an emotion akin to compassion. He loves us because that’s the truth of who He is—our joyful, eternal truth.

5 Top Stressors Christian Leaders Face and How to Handle Them

Being a Christian leader is a high and noble calling. It requires carrying a heavy cross—just as Jesus did. It’s my hope that you’ll recognize these five top stressors, take appropriate steps to alleviate them and carry on, to finish the “good race.”

9 Ways to Choose Courage during the COVID-19 Crisis

What kind of man are you becoming? A man of backbone and faithfulness? Do you know the meaning of adversity, bravery, conviction, discipline, quietness, righteousness, trustworthiness, and zeal? Here's how to choose these things with courage.

What Is the Best Sex?

Got your attention? Studies estimate men think about sex from 20 times a day to every seven seconds.

11 Proven Ideas on Ensuring a God-Honoring Legacy

Dr. J. Robert Clinton has invested much of his career analyzing why people do—or don’t—finish well. His study of 800+ Christian leaders concludes: “Few leaders finish well.” Here are Dr. Clinton’s six ways to destroy legacy, and five ways to ensure a God-honoring legacy.

Why the Resurrection Should Have You Running

Today, and every day, we need to catch the wonder of the risen Jesus, as they did when he broke the bread at their table. And when we catch it, we need to resist the urge to stay put and ask Jesus to give us more. We need to run and tell others.


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